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For School Instructors

Whether you are on-site with group students, checking in on a student during a site visit, or helping coordinate student experiences with Student Services, we could not do this without you! We encourage you to reach out to your student coordinator if you have questions or need support at any point during your students’ time with St. Luke’s.

Onboarding Requirements

Our clinical instructors are expected to follow the same onboarding process as students. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Complete any necessary compliance requirements and modules through myClinicalExchange 
  • Complete any necessary EPIC trainings if EMR access is required
  • Receive a St. Luke’s instructor badge

Expectations for Instructors

  • MANDATORY: Communicate with unit/clinic leadership and UBE (unit-based educator) prior to students arriving on site. 
  • Provide written information (i.e., syllabus) about clinical goals and expectations prior to students arriving for the rotation. It is St. Luke's culture to encourage active participation and provide opportunities for students to have hands-on experiences.
  • Provide unit/clinic and St. Luke's student services with a comprehensive schedule for the student(s) rotation(s), including dates and hours students will be on site. Instructors will notify unit and St. Luke's student services immediately of any changes to the calendar.
  • Review goals and expectations for the rotations, as well as expectations around communication and presence on the unit.
  • Clarify chain of command for reporting concerns. Safety or compliance issues must be reported immediately. Notify the appropriate St. Luke's student coordinator. Students who are practicing unsafely will be removed from patient care immediately and their instructor will be notified to debrief/discuss course of action with student. 
  • Connect with staff/preceptors on a regular basis to gather information regarding student progression toward goals. For instructors not on site, instructor and preceptor will agree on appropriate check-in intervals during initial conversation.
  • Facilitate student participation in St. Luke’s student educational experience surveys and provide necessary feedback regarding student educational experiences at St. Luke's – we want to know how we're doing!
  • Behave in a professional manner, demonstrating and role-modeling St. Luke’s values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence (iCARE).
  • Immediately report any students who are no longer participating in a rotation. If the student is no longer part of the school’s program, instructor will collect the St. Luke’s issued student ID badge and return to St. Luke's student services.

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