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Lifestyle Classes - Open to Everyone!

Each journey through lifestyle medicine is unique. Some people may only need help in a few areas, while others may need a lot of support. These classes are open to anyone in the community hoping to make lifestyle changes. You may choose to take just one, a few, or a lot of these classes; whatever works best for you!

By visiting this page, you've already taken the first step in improving your quality of life. We look forward to seeing you soon!

A la Carte Lifestyle Medicine Classes

Developing a healthy lifestyle is different for everyone. So, St. Luke's developed a collection of classes that touch on all aspects of lifestyle medicine. Please review the options and register for the classes that best meet your unique needs.

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine

We recommend that you start with one or more of these classes to learn the basics. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how daily behaviors affect overall health, and how those behaviors can help you prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease. 

Recommended Classes

  • Change Your Mindset - learn how to develop a growth mindset in relationship to living a healthy lifestyle; how thoughts influence feelings and behaviors that affect health; and how you can change your relationship to unhelpful thinking patterns to make healthier choices.


Food is medicine. Learn how to incorporate more whole foods, fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Physical Activity

Learn how to make physical activity part of your day-to-day life to improve overall health and well-being.

  • The Joy of Movement - Learn to enjoy physical activity as well as explore strategies to make your practice of physical activity more enjoyable. 

Stress Management

Stress is inevitable. Learn skills to manage it in healthy and positive ways.

  • Stress Reducing Strategies - Increase your understanding of what stress is as well as the impact of others and the environment on body and mind. Learn the importance of setting boundaries as well as ways to soothe yourself.
  • Prioritize Self Care - Understand what negative bias is and how to combat it. Learn different types of positive emotions and ways to incorporate them into your life. Develop tools that will help you brighten your outlook on life.

Improved Sleep

Sleep is essential for optimal health. Learn the ins and outs of sleep to get the rest you need.

  • Insomnia Education - Explore how insomnia develops, persists over time and is treated with cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). Learn how you can adapt strategies from CBT-I to manage insomnia on your own.

Positive Relationships

Social connections—friends and family—are key to your well-being and directly influence your health.

  • Building Compassion in a Disconnected World - Explore the concepts of compassion and how to apply it to yourself and others. Understand intention behind behaviors—especially by those who have hurt you—to work toward forgiveness.
  • Evaluate Your Social Network - Managing your health goes beyond the physical; it includes creating a positive support system that helps you make healthy decisions. Learn how to assess your social circles and ways to improve your social network.
  • Know Your Sense of Purpose - Learn what “sense of purpose” is and how much it contributes to life quality and longevity. Explore your own purpose and identify your personal values, talents and skills to enhance your quality of life right now.

Lifestyle Medicine for Specific Conditions

These courses are highly targeted and specific. Dig deeper into lifestyle medicine and help get chronic conditions under control.

Recommended Classes

  • Eat Well to Live Well with Chronic Kidney Disease - Learn about the kidneys, potential complications of kidney disease and the importance of implementing evidence-based dietary recommendations to improve your kidney health.
  • Prevent and Reverse Diabetes - Learn about the underlying causes of pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes as well as the lifestyle factors that contribute
    to insulin resistance. Explore the science behind plant-based eating and understand the three essential elements to reducing insulin resistance, which can help you maintain a better blood sugar level. 
  • Empowered Relief™: Pain Management Workshop - Learn about the relationship between pain, stress and physical tension as well as how to develop a personalized pain management program. These skills will help you decrease stress and physical tension, develop adaptive thinking patterns and build a personalized self-soothing action plan for pain.

Learn more about lifestyle medicine at St. Luke's