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Medication Lockers

Prescription Refills Made Easy

St. Luke's medication lockers are secure, free-standing, contactless pickup locations offering you a convenient way to retrieve new prescriptions and refills. Our lockers allow pickups outside of pharmacy business hours, so you can skip the lines and manage your medications when it's most convenient for you.

Note: Medication lockers cannot be used as a pickup location for controlled substances. You will not be able to request a fill/refill for a controlled substance.

Start Using St. Luke's Medication Lockers for Prescription Pickups

Step 1: Select Your Preferred Medication Locker and Establish Care with Filling Pharmacy

  1. Review the list of medication lockers featured below and choose the locker that best fits your needs. 
  2. Sign in to MyChart (or create a MyChart account if necessary), then access the Medications page's Manage My Pharmacies activity to add your desired locker. This ensures the locker will be added to your list of preferred pharmacies and make it available for future prescription fill requests. Or, reach out via phone to the filling pharmacy associated with your preferred medication locker for a brief enrollment call. 
    • During this call the pharmacy staff can update your medical record (or create one if needed), educate you on how to operate the medication lockers, and initiate any prescription transfers from other pharmacies so you may pick them up at a medication locker.
  3. Let your providers know about your new filling pharmacy. 
    • This ensures that any new prescriptions issued from their offices are promptly filled and sent to the correct medication locker for pickup.
Step 2: Request a Refill for Medication Locker Pickup

  1. Log into MyChart and access the Medications page.
  2. Select medication(s) to refill and click Next. You’ll be prompted through the process, including a Pharmacy Information field which will include any Preferred Pharmacies you have previously selected.
  3. Once your refill request is complete, you’ll receive electronic email and text notifications regarding when, where, and how to retrieve your prescription.

Step 3: Pickup Your Medication at a Medication Locker

  1. Approach the locker after you receive your pickup code. Tap on the touch screen and enter your pickup code using the onscreen keyboard or scan the QR code provided in your email.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts and answer the questions. Once finished, the locker with your medication will automatically open. 
  3. Retrieve your medication and close the locker to complete the pickup process.

Medication Locker Locations

  • Location

    WinCo: Meridian

    1050 S. Progress Ave.
    Meridian, ID 83642
    Locker Hours: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

    Filled by: St. Luke's Meridian Pharmacy
    Phone: (208) 706-5255
    Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 a.m.-7 p.m.,
    Sat 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

  • St. Luke's Clinic – Payette Lakes Family Medicine

    211 Forest St.
    McCall, ID 83638
    Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.,
    Sat 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

    Filled by: St. Luke's Meridian Pharmacy
    Phone: (208) 706-5255
    Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 a.m.-7 p.m.,
    Sat 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click each question below for its answer:

Is there any specific technology I need to use the medication lockers?
The basic requirements for using the medication lockers are a valid email address and a way to receive SMS or text messages. In addition, we highly recommend that you have a MyChart account. MyChart is a great way to request refills, message your St. Luke’s providers and pharmacy, pay your bills, and much more. 

Learn more about MyChart
What if I have questions about my medications?
Pharmacists are available for consultation anytime during the hours posted above under the “Filled By” pharmacy. Rest assured your understanding of your medical therapy is our top priority. We will never send a new medication to a medication locker box without first speaking to the patient and ensuring that all questions are answered, and the therapy is safe.
Can I pick up prescriptions for other members of my family or household?
Yes, the medication locker is available for anyone that you would need to pick up for. When establishing care with the filling pharmacy, simply let the staff know you will be picking up on behalf of someone else and they will create your file with this in mind for the best pickup experience.
Are any items not able to be picked up from the medication lockers?

Medication lockers cannot be used as a pickup location for controlled substances. These prescriptions must be picked up during normal business hours at the pharmacy to which it is issued.

How long does it take to get a prescription filled and ready after I request it?
After a prescription is received, most orders will be ready for pickup the same day. If the prescription has not been previously filled at a St. Luke’s Pharmacy, a pharmacist will need to speak with you or the caregiver to provide education prior to delivery.
Am I able to pick up refrigerated items in the medication lockers?
Yes, all our medication locker locations are equipped with special refrigerated compartments for these medications. This will ensure that your medication is always stored to the manufacturer’s specifications.
How safe and secure are medications in the lockers? What safety protocols are in place?

All medications are handled by certified pharmacy technicians and pharmacists throughout the delivery process to the medication locker. Orders are sealed in tamper-resistant bags during transit. Once placed in a locker, each compartment is monitored by infrared presence-detection sensors, temperature sensors, and video surveillance on both the locker itself and on the facility premises.

How do I get my doctor to send my prescriptions to a medication locker?

Once you’ve established care with the filling pharmacy of your preferred medication locker, your provider will need to issue a new prescription to that pharmacy. There are no additional or special actions needed. The pharmacy will identify the incoming prescriptions as intended for the medication locker and follow through to make sure the delivery goes smoothly.

How can I request refills once my prescriptions are within the St. Luke's system?

You can use your MyChart account as detailed above or you may call the filling pharmacy associated with your preferred medication locker to initiate a refill.

How can I pay for my prescriptions?

Your prescription notification emails will include information regarding any outstanding balance. You have a few payment options:

  • Insurance: if your prescription is covered by insurance, you will not need to pay at the time of refill request. Your insurance provider will be billed automatically for your prescription. Any outstanding balance due (including copayments) will be billed to you. You may choose how to pay, including via St. Luke's Bill Pay.
  • Invoice: you may request an invoice for outstanding payment due through MyChart.
What happens if my prescription can't be delivered via locker for some reason?
If something prevents us from delivering your prescription through a medication locker, such as parcel size, the pharmacy will notify you that an alternate pickup location is required.
Are there additional medication locker locations for St. Luke's employees?
Yes, if you are a St. Luke's employee, you can also pick up your refills at the following locations outside of normal locker pickup hours, 24 hours a day, with a valid employee ID:
  • St. Luke's Central Plaza
  • St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center