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Why Choose Idaho Elks Hearing and Balance for Your Hearing Aids?

Our Process 

Idaho Elks Hearing and Balance has been serving our community for over 30 years. We're committed to delivering the highest quality care and customer service through our evidence-based evaluation and treatment process:

  1. We begin with a thorough evaluation of your hearing and hearing loss. 
  2. Next, we'll program a new pair of hearing aids precisely to your unique prescription using a tiny microphone placed in your ear. This will help us ensure that the volume of your hearing aids is exactly right for your level of hearing loss. 
  3. Then, we'll conduct another hearing test while you're wearing your new hearing aids to validate that you're getting the most benefit possible. 
  4. We'll also educate you and your loved ones on what to expect from hearing aids and how to use them. 
  5. Finally, we'll follow-up with you over weeks and months to see how you're doing, and provide any support you need to be successful with your hearing aids.

The Idaho Elks Hearing and Balance Difference

Highly Trained Providers

The state of Idaho allows different types of professionals to dispense hearing aids:

  • Hearing aid dealers must pass the International Licensing Examination (ILE) for Hearing Healthcare Professionals and have a high school diploma 
  • Audiologists must have a master’s or doctorate degree in audiology (4-year undergraduate degree and a 4-year graduate degree) and pass a nationally recognized exam in audiology

The Idaho Elks Hearing and Balance team centers around doctors of audiology who have extensive training and expertise. Our goal is to help improve your quality of life through hearing aids. Our audiologists do not earn commission from hearing aid sales.

Empowered Patients

We only sell name-brand hearing aids that can be serviced by any hearing aid specialist, anywhere in the world. Other retailers may lock the hearing aids they sell so that you aren't able to see another provider. Please beware of hearing aid retailers that limit your choices! Our team will ensure your needs are our highest priority.

We're proud of our patient satisfaction record!

Contact us today to schedule an evaluation