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Robotic Partial Nephrectomy with Firefly Imaging

Without Firefly Imaging
Each year approximately 62,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with kidney cancer. The majority can be cured with surgical removal of the lesion. With the evolution of robotic surgery, these tumors can be removed while keeping the healthy kidney intact. St. Luke’s Urology is at the forefront of organ sparing surgery and robotic techniques.

Currently, St. Luke's is the only institution in Idaho to offer retroperitoneal robotic partial nephrectomy. Using this technique, the surgeon stays out of the bowel cavity, minimizing potential injury to intra-abdominal organs, promoting faster recovery and a decreased use of pain medicine. These procedures can be accomplished through several 8mm incisions in the side.

Also, with the use of Firefly Fluorescence imaging, compromise of surrounding healthy kidney tissue can be minimized and visualization of anatomic landmarks maximized. This technique uses near-infrared technology to enhance vascular structures, indicate blood supply to the tumor, and assist in the more accurate removal of cancerous tissue.

The following surgeons offer robotic partial nephrectomy with Firefly imaging:
With Firefly Imaging
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