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Student N95 Fit Testing Expectations and Information

We ask that our academic partners fit-test their students and provide them with a supply of N95s, as well as a use/reuse policy in alignment with CDC guidelines. If academic partners are unable to provide N95s and/or unable to complete the fit-testing, students may utilize St. Luke's Occupational Health Services.

Students, staff, and contractors are currently required to wear N95s for:

  • All aerosol generating procedures (AGPs)
    • Most students have the potential to be involved in AGPs. If not prepared with N95s, students will not be able to participate in that patient's care.
  • COVID-19-positive or rule-out patients 
    • All students are given the option to participate in COVID patient care with the exception of high school students, interns, and professional observers.

N95 Equipment and Fit Testing

  • If your school can fit test you and has N95s to provide, ensure N95s are NIOSH approved and do not have valves or vents. Please follow the university’s reuse-extended use practices to conserve supplies. Always carry documentation stating date of fit test & N95 mfr/model when on site.
  • If your school can provide you with N95s but cannot fit test you, you may be fit tested by St. Luke's Occupational Health. Students must come to the appointment prepared with the manufacturer and model number of the NIOSH-approved N95 respirator to be used in their fit test. Students may follow their university’s reuse-extended use practices to conserve supplies. See checklist for information on fit testing scheduling appointments at St. Luke's Occupational Health.
  • If your school is unable to fit test or provide you with N95s, St. Luke’s can provide you with a 3M 9205+ or 3M 8110s model. St. Luke's Occupational Health can perform fit testing. St. Luke’s current guideline is N95 single use (discard after each patient encounter). See checklist for information on scheduling fit testing appointments at St. Luke's Occupational Health.

How to Prepare for Your Fit Testing Appointment at St. Luke's Occupational Health

  • If your university completes your OSHA medical questionnaire, bring the clinician-signed clearance document with you to your appointment. 
  • If your university does not complete the OSHA medical questionnaire, we can complete it at your appointment for an additional charge.
  • If your university will be paying for the service, you must bring your university's billing information to the appointment. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay at the appointment.
  • Refrain from chewing gum, smoking, eating, or drinking (other than water) for 15-30 minutes prior to fit testing as this may interfere with the test.
  • Do not use any strongly scented products, such as perfume, cologne, aftershave, etc. on the day of your fit test, as this may affect your ability to detect the testing solution.
  • You MUST be clean shaven where the respirator seals to the face. A beard or facial hair will interfere with the ability to get a good seal. 
  • During your fit test, you must also wear any protective equipment (such as goggles) that may be worn during actual respirator use. 
  • During your fit test, you will be asked to take a deep breath, move your head from side to side and up and down, and read or talk, which are movements expected during normal job duties.